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Brewup Coffee is an independent coffee company based out of Windsor, Berkshire, UK. We supply freshly roasted & ethically traded coffee to cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels and offices.

Inspired by the traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony process – from preparation to roasting and pouring – we source and craft our own 100% Arabica coffee beans from different parts of the world to deliver a great tasting coffee experience.

  • Sourcing The Best Beans
    Sourcing The Best Beans
    Each blend contains a handpicked mixture of the best premium quality 100% arabica coffee beans - first crop sourced from across the world. The most essential part is making sure only the best beans in the world goes into our bags to brew up a real cup of coffee.
  • Tested By Professionals
    Tested By Professionals
    Although we are convinced that Brewup Coffee is some of the best coffee you will ever taste, we had to put it to the test. When several expert baristas, using state of the art equipment gives you the same reaction, that is the final seal of approval.
  • Many Points Of Sale
    Many Points Of Sale
    Our coffee is available to anyone in the world online or in store locally in Windsor. We believe that every café, farm shop, deli, restaurant, hotel and pub in the country should serve and stock our exceptional coffees. If you’d like to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.
  • Flexible Subscriptions
    Flexible Subscriptions
    Never run out of coffee again. Fresh coffee delivered to your doorstep. Are you ready for the beautiful future of fresh, frequent coffee? Contact us to create a fully flexible subscription you can change or stop at any time. Starting at £7.50 per shipment.
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"Very impressed with your coffee, it went down a treat with everyone!"


"I love coffee and my favourite thing about it was opening it and being greeted with a gorgeous rich coffee aroma! This will be my Sunday morning coffee this week"

Ricky Martin (Apprentice Winner 2012)

“Coffee has been received, used and enjoyed”


"I drink a lot of coffee. The Espresso Blend certainly is a quality blend that meets the strength criteria I look for in a coffee"


"I've just tried some of your Breakfast Blend coffee, what a way to start my day"


"Great customer service that’s rare, thank you"

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