Our Story

We have always appreciated real coffee, but the coffee journey for Founder Stefan Terblanche began during his discoveries of Ethiopia. It was here that he had the pleasure of attending a Gursha and experienced the traditional Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony first-hand.


It started with grass being spread on the floor and decorated with flowers. Green coffee beans were then ground by hand using a long stick and a wooden bowl, and then added to boiling water in a pot called a Jebena, which has a spherical base, long, thin neck and a pouring spout. The coffee beans were roasted in a pan over an open charcoal fire and left for a few minutes to brew. This brewing process was repeated three times and then poured from a height of 30cm into small handleless cups that were arranged on a tray.


This timeless coffee making process, from roasting to pouring, was such a mesmerising experience that it was the inspiration for Stefan to start crafting his own coffee. Sourcing green, 100% Arabica coffee beans from different parts of the world, he began hand roasting them in a pan over an open fire, the traditional way.


After many years mastering the process of roasting and pouring the perfect coffee, Stefan started to focus on how he could share this coffee with more people. Not only offering freshly roasted coffee but making manual brewing equipment accessible and showing how easy it is to brew up a delicious coffee from bean to cup in no time, no matter where you are.


It was at this point that Brewup Coffee was born…