Local Blend – Whole Bean Coffee

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Light Roast – 100% Arabica

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Blend: Local Blend
Roast Level: 3
Strength: Light Roast
Size: 227g


Our local blend is perfectly balanced with coffee beans from Costa Rica, Colombia & Brazil


This blend has a truly smooth and balanced flavour for enjoying all day, every day. It combines mild caramelization with slight acidity to make a perfectly palatable coffee experience that ends with a lingering, slightly sweet finish.


Why is our coffee different:
Simple, we aim to deliver fresh, genuine coffee. In order to achieve this, only premium quality coffee beans from the first crop 100% Arabica coffee goes into our bags to brew a real cup. The content speaks for itself.


How to keep your coffee fresh:
This bag is fitted with a one-way valve to ensure ultimate freshness. Store in cool, dry conditions away from sunlight.


How we brew the perfect coffee:
Inspired by Beethoven, who it seems, was obsessive about his coffee, counting out the 60 beans per cup every morning. Rinse your cafetiere with boiled water and add one heaped tablespoon of ground coffee per cup. Add 300ml of boiled water, stir gently and let the coffee brew for 5 minutes. Adjust according to taste. Suitable for cafetieres, filters and percolators.

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Light Roast


Premium 100% Arabica


Costa Rica, Colombia & Brazil

1 review for Local Blend – Whole Bean Coffee

  1. Tom

    A deliciously flavourful coffee – a lighter roast that’s not too strong.

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